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HR Review

The main purpose of the review is analysis of current situation in personnel recordkeeping and internal administrative documents in terms of their compliance with the requirements of the law and personnel policy of a client entity accompanied by follow-up consultations and recommendations.

Review of personnel recordkeeping comprises:

  • analysis of existing personnel recordkeeping system;
  • evaluating if personnel documentation is formalized and maintained correctly;
  • identification of violations, errors or incompliance with the requirements of the labour legislation where it concerns formalizing, systematisation and retention of personnel documentation;
  • evaluating if records related to registration of personnel documents are properly made in the required forms of the registers.

Review of internal administrative documents comprises:

  • identification of missing internal administrative documents mandatory for an entity;
  • analysis of compliance of internal administrative documents with the requirements of the labour legislation and personnel policy of a client entity.
Our firm's specialists performing HR audit are high skilled professionals who belong within the «Top-10 HR managers of Ukraine».