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Kyiv Audit Group promotes economic development and financial success of the Clients through offering a composition of interrelated services, which stipulates for establishing a specific organizational structure of the firm:
  • Enterprise Audit Department
  • Accounting Services Department
  • Accounting and Tax Advice Department
  • Legal Services Department
We have been providing the above entities with wide range of services. Our profound experience comprises:

Also our experience covers audits and transformation of financial statements compiled under P(S)As into the financial statements meeting the requirements of IFRS, US and European GAAPs. Besides, there have been a lot of joint projects, where our staff provided services for Ukrainian resident entities, while the principal auditors of parent companies were the Big4.

Kyiv Audit Group is a client-centered firm, which policy is based on the long-term effective cooperation. We build our relationship with clients on the principles of decency, partnership, mutual understanding and high performance to achieve our common goal – to ensure a sustainable corporate and economic development by effective use of resources and offering the best solutions for your business.

Over 27 years of successful performance our clientele was joined by:
  • more than one hundred major companies and holdings,
  • approx. 1000 local and international entities, organizations, financial establishments, pubic bodies, middle and small firms.
Kyiv Audit Group experience covers the following industries:
  • Food processing
  • Trade and services
  • Agriculture
  • Construction and Development
  • Publishing and printing
  • Public sector
  • Banking
  • Exhibition Arrangement
  • Fuel and Energy supply
  • Oil and gas
  • Metallurgy and metal processing
  • Diary and meat processing
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Transportation and communication
  • Crediting, insurance and Investments
  • Non-for-profit activities: non-for-profit, social organizations, grantees
Our aim is to facilitate our clients’ development, enhance their competitiveness and assist their successful performance in local and international markets.