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Representing Clients interests

Representing Clients interests

within the relationship with contractors:

  • participation in negotiations with Clients contractors, including the time of concluding the agreements/contracts with those;
  • at pre-court settling the disputes: preparing the claims , responses to claims
  • maintenance of employee hiring and dismissals;
  • legal aid at solution of labour related disputes.

at judicial trials by courts of general jurisdiction, economic and administrative courts of all instances:

  • legal assessment of disputable situations with recommendations regarding further actions;
  • preparing the writs, responses to writs, applications and other relevant procedural papers;
  • preparing appeals and complaints, legal objections and responses to appeals and complaints;
  • participation in court sittings;
  • preparing the necessary documents and legal support (representing the interest) on the issues which arise during fulfillment of court decisions.

within the relationship with controlling bodies:

  • lawyers assessment of legal validity of addresses and inspections conducted by public prosecutor offices, tax administrations, customs offices, control-and audit offices and other supervisory authorities;
  • legal examinations of acts drawn up upon the results of inspections by public prosecutor offices, tax administrations, customs offices and other supervisory authorities, preparation of remarks and objections to those;
  • preparation of responses to queries, statements, solicitations and addresses to public bodies, complaints against the wrongful actions of their officers;
  • appeal of actions and decisions of tax and other fiscal bodies in the administrative order, and in case of necessity their judicial appeal.

within the relationship with other public executive bodies, including, but not limited to, at:

  • Ministry of Justice of Ukraine;
  • Ministry of Economy of Ukraine;
  • Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine;
  • National Bank of Ukraine;
  • State Property Fund;
  • State Commission for Regulating the Financial Services Markets;
  • State Security and Capital Market Commission;
  • State Committee for Television and Radio Broadcasting;
  • State Employments Center of Ministry of Labour of Ukraine;
  • Tender Chamber of Ukraine ;
  • bodies for consumer rights protection;
  • funds for state mandatory social insurance.