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15.03.2019: PRAXITY picks up Campaing of the Year Award (2018)

Best in class, again – Praxity has been named Association of the Year for the third time in four years!

Praxity – the world’s largest Alliance of independent accountancy firms – has been named the Campaign of the Year 2018.

Kyiv Audit Group, as a member of Praxity, is pleased to inform about well-deserved recognition of the Global Alliance Praxity, and its earned award ‘ Campaign of the Year 2018’.

We’re delighted to report that Praxity – the world’s largest alliance of independent accountancy firms – has been won Campaign of the Year at the Accountant & International Accounting Bulletin’s Awards 2018.

Over the year, Praxity’s tailored and targeted communication strategy – aligned with business goals to build reputation and effectiveness – featured a wide range of topical online and print articles, more insightful thought-leadership features, blogs, publications and conferences. As well as informing debate, activity showcased collaboration and strengthened the resources available for Participant Firms.

What made the programme distinctive was how it addressed broader issues of interest, not just accounting. Although Praxity, as an alliance, faces regulatory constraints on how to present opinion, it has nevertheless been at the forefront of commentary on global developments and enabled Member Firms to contribute to debate. These are the ‘insights’ that form the core resources at the heart of the fully-redesigned Praxity website that’s due for launch later this month.

The awards celebrate the best among the accountancy market globally – those that are successfully serving their clients through innovation and thought leadership, as well as those that are strengthening the profession’s relevance in its mandate to serve the public interest.

“This award testifies to the work we’ve done to build the capability of our Executive Office – expanding in-house resources with a copywriter, marketing executive and a webmaster,” said Praxity’s Chair, Hilton Saven. He also celebrated the widespread talent that was available from Participants within the Alliance: “From the ranks of Praxity’s best-in-class independent firms who deliver international services and professional leadership, inevitably comes some of the most insightful thinking in the profession”.

For reference: Kyiv Audit Group is a member of Praxity – the world’s largest alliance of independent accounting and auditing firms which is in TOP 10 of international ratings of accounting firms and associations. Global alliance Praxity unites the local market leaders of the covered countries. These firms distinguish themselves by high quality of services performance, implemented methodology consistent with International Standards on Auditing, and the staff who constantly improve their professional level. Praxity unites over 51,9 thousand committed professionals who work for 700+ offices in 100+ countries.
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