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News archive

[30.04.2024] Kyiv Audit Group prepared The Transparency Report for 2023

[23.12.2023] Season's greeting from Kyiv Audit Group!

[28.04.2023] Kyiv Audit Group prepared The Transparency Report for 2022

[07.07.2022] Praxity Global Alliance Awarded Highly Commended for Association of the Year 2022

[29.04.2022] Kyiv Audit Group prepared The Transparency Report for 2021

[23.12.2021] Season's greeting from Kyiv Audit Group!

[11.11.2021] It's a hat-trick! Praxity Global Alliance has regained its crown as the Association of the Year and gets triple award

[17.09.2021] Kyiv Audit Group awarded Leader of the Branch 2021

[16.07.2021] Happy Accountant's and Auditor's Day

[12.05.2021] Happy Birthday - Kyiv Audit Group - 25th Anniversary

[21.04.2021] Kyiv Audit Group prepared The Transparency Report for 2020

[05.03.2021] Kyiv Audit Group is sending you our warmest wishes for this Holiday - The International Women's Day - March 8!

[23.12.2020] Season's greeting from Kyiv Audit Group!

[30.11.2020] Alliance PRAXITY implemented a project on state measures for Covid-19

[22.11.2020] Praxity wins thought leadership award

[05.08.2020] The Managing Partner of Kyiv Audit Group was interviewed by the PRAXITY Alliance

[16.07.2020] Happy Accountant's and Auditor's Day

[30.04.2020] Kyiv Audit Group prepared The Transparency Report for 2019

[16.03.2020] Kyiv Audit Group informs about the mode of operation during the quarantine period

[06.03.2020] Kyiv Audit Group is sending you our warmest wishes for this Holiday - The International Women's Day - March 8!

[25.02.2020] Kyiv Audit Group awarded Industry Leader 2019

[23.12.2019] Season's greeting from Kyiv Audit Group!

[20.12.2019] Season's greeting from Kyiv Audit Group!

[11.10.2019] Praxity Global Alliance Wins Association of the Year 2019

[16.07.2019] Happy Accountant's and Auditor's Day

[05.07.2019] Kyiv Audit Group awarded Leader of the Year 2018

[30.04.2019] Kyiv Audit Group prepared The Transparency Report for 2018

[15.04.2019] Participation and provision of valuable and incentive prizes of the All-Ukrainian Student Olympiad in the discipline "Organization and audit methodology"

[15.03.2019] PRAXITY picks up Campaing of the Year Award (2018)

[07.03.2019] Kyiv Audit Group is sending you our warmest wishes for this Holiday - The International Women's Day - March 8!

[18.12.2018] Season's greeting from Kyiv Audit Group!

[16.07.2018] Happy Accountant's Day

[05.03.2018] Kyiv Audit Group is sending you our warmest wishes for this Holiday - The International Women's Day - March 8!

[18.12.2017] Season's greeting from Kyiv Audit Group!

[10.10.2017] PRAXITY named Association of the Year at the 2017 IAB Awards


[07.03.2017] Kyiv Audit Group is sending you our warmest wishes for this Holiday - The International Women's Day - March 8!

[30.12.2016] Kyiv Audit Group awarded Industry Leader 2016

[22.12.2016] Season's greeting from Kyiv Audit Group!

[10.10.2016] PRAXITY named Association of the Year at the 2016 IAB Awards


[12.05.2016] Happy Birthday - Kyiv Audit Group - 20th Anniversary

[25.04.2016] Information support project for our partners

[04.03.2016] Kyiv Audit Group is sending you our warmest wishes for this Holiday - The International Women's Day - March 8!

[22.12.2015] Season's greeting from Kyiv Audit Group!

[25.09.2015] For the second time Kyiv Audit Group passed APU’s review of quality control system

[01.09.2015] Up-to-date services! HR-audit

[15.08.2015] New type of services: Independent testing of accountants

[03.08.2015] Location change

[05.03.2015] Kyiv Audit Group is sending you our warmest wishes for this Holiday - The International Women's Day - March 8!

[19.12.2014] Season's greeting from Kyiv Audit Group!

[09.10.2014] PRAXITY named Association of the Year at IAB Awards

[08.03.2014] Kyiv Audit Group is sending you our warmest wishes for this Holiday - The International Women's Day - March 8!

[30.12.2013] Season's greeting from Kyiv Audit Group !

[10.12.2013] OSCE expresses gratitude to Kyiv Audit Group

[18.06.2013] Ñonference "Cooperation of companies within LCOI System. Investment opportunities in Poland and European Union"

[13.06.2013] Turkey-Ukraine Trade and Investment Mission

[12.06.2013] ACCA event of competency framework and e-assessment delivery

[03.06.2013] International research and practice conference ‘20 Years of Audit: Achievements and Development Prospects’

[25.03.2013] Praxity Global Alliance awarded Rising Star Association of the Year 2013

[18.02.2013] FEE publishes an analysis of combined and carve-out financial statements

[15.02.2013] FASB Proposes Improvements to Recognition and Measurement of Financial Assets and Liabilities

[14.02.2013] FRC to investigate Autonomy over financials

[28.01.2013] Hans Hoogervorst addresses consistency in financial reporting

[25.01.2013] IAASB, PCAOB, CAQ seek ways to measure audit quality

[25.01.2013] Competition Commission delay won’t halt EU audit reforms

[23.01.2013] EFRAG's consultation on the transition from IAS 39 to IFRS 9 for macro-hedging practices

[21.01.2013] New IFAC guidance helps accountants improve business reporting processes

[17.01.2013] CFA Institute issues second study on user perspectives on IFRS 7 disclosures

[17.01.2013] IAASB consults on Audit Quality Framework

[16.01.2013] Investors Getting Foggy Cash Data, Study Concludes

[14.01.2013] Kyiv Audit Group awarded Industry Leader 2012

[14.01.2013] Membership the crux of new IASB advisory forum

[10.01.2013] Leading European national standard-setters submit joint comment letter on the proposed ASAF

[27.12.2012] Merry Christmas and Jolly New Year!

[24.12.2012] EFRAG and the OIC issue the Feedback Statement on the Discussion Paper “Accounting for Business Combinations under Common Control”

[20.12.2012] IFIAR releases first global survey of audit inspection findings

[19.12.2012] IASB maps out future programme of work following conclusion of three yearly public consultation

[10.12.2012] EC gets tough on £800bn tax evasion and avoidance

[07.12.2012] FEE publishes policy statement on the EC proposals for the recast of the 4th and 7th Accounting Directives

[06.12.2012] IFAC releases revised Statements of Membership Obligations

[05.12.2012] United States IFRS decision 'most important since the 1930's'

[03.12.2012] IVSC consults on valuation of investment property and public sector assets

[30.11.2012] IFAC Welcomes IMF Paper on Fiscal Transparency, Accountability, and Risk

[29.11.2012] FASB issues proposal to clarify scope of disclosures that apply to balance sheet offsetting of assets and liabilities

[29.11.2012] IASB proposes limited changes to IFRS 9 classification and measurement requirements

[23.11.2012] FRC and ICAS commission review of auditors’ competencies

[23.11.2012] FRC publishes new accounting standards

[22.11.2012] ESMA comment letter on the IFRS Foundation Due Process Handbook

[22.11.2012] FASB, IASB tentatively change revenue recognition constraint

[21.11.2012] IOSCO report calls for further work on securitizations vehicles

[21.11.2012] IASB publishes proposals arising from its 2011-2013 annual improvements cycle

[19.11.2012] IAESB releases revised standard on assessment of professional competence

[19.11.2012] Bringing certainty to uncertainty

[16.11.2012] FRC amends actuarial standards to include pension incentive exercises. Publishes draft standard on assumptions for pension scheme projections

[15.11.2012] IAASB proposes standard enhancing auditor responsibilities for disclosures beyond the financial statements

[14.11.2012] Accounting Rulemakers Still Simplifying Revenue Recognition

[14.11.2012] FASB to participate in new IASB accounting standards group

[12.11.2012] KPMG says natural capital loss a risk to business

[12.11.2012] EU business wants diverse audit, claims GT

[09.11.2012] IPSASB Publishes Public Sector Conceptual Framework Exposure Drafts

[09.11.2012] FRC publishes Lab reports on “Debt terms and maturity tables” and “Operating and investing cash flows”

[08.11.2012] IESBA Staff Release Additional Questions and Answers on Implementing Code of Ethics

[07.11.2012] IFAC Releases Draft Strategy for Professional Accountants in Business Initiatives

[07.11.2012] Accounting standards, corporate transparency, and developing countries

[07.11.2012] LSE - Accounting Harmonization and Global Economic Consequences

[07.11.2012] G20 getting ready for a single standard for profit taxes

[02.11.2012] IFRS Foundation publishes proposals to create an Accounting Standards Advisory Forum

[01.11.2012] PCAOB's Caseload Focused on 19 Auditors, Firms

[01.11.2012] IASB issues Investment Entities (Amendments to IFRS 10, IFRS 12 and IAS 27)

[31.10.2012] Enhancing the risk disclosure of banks

[30.10.2012] COSO releases ERM thought paper dealing with latest thinking on risk assessment approaches and techniques

[29.10.2012] Firms vie over FTSE 350 audit market definition

[29.10.2012] IFAC issues new report for professional accountants in business

[26.10.2012] FASB’s Seidman lays out schedule for remaining convergence projects

[25.10.2012] IFAC and IVSC Renew Financial Reporting Collaboration

[24.10.2012] Ten EU nations to adopt financial transaction tax

[24.10.2012] Private Company Council chair favors holistic approach over differential standards for public, private companies

[24.10.2012] Trustees publish IFRS Foundation Staff Analysis of SEC Final Staff Report on IFRS

[22.10.2012] Competition Commission delay won’t halt EU audit reforms

[22.10.2012] PCAOB hears evidence favoring auditor rotation

[22.10.2012] Deloitte releases new IFRS e-learning modules

[19.10.2012] IPSASB publishes consultation paper on IPSASs and government finance statistics reporting guidelines

[18.10.2012] Competition Commission delays audit inquiry findings

[18.10.2012] IFAC and the IIRC sign MoU on cooperation, collaboration for IR

[17.10.2012] EU perspective on global accounting standards

[17.10.2012] FRC publishes paper to enhance disclosure in financial reporting

[15.10.2012] FASB moves forward with new model for financial instrument impairment

[12.10.2012] SEC Commissioner thinks the U.S. 'will get there eventually' on IFRS

[11.10.2012] FASB Preps Fix for Credit Risk Reporting Glitch

[10.10.2012] ASB recommends scoping nonissuers out of “auditor commentary” requirements

[08.10.2012] IOSCO to consider “larger role” in IFRS

[08.10.2012] FASB maps out impairment disclosure plans

[05.10.2012] FRC consults on updated guidance for the audit of financial instruments

[04.10.2012] FRC issues Exposure Draft of limited scope amendments to FRED 48 (draft FRS 102) “The Financial Reporting Standard applicable in the UK and Republic of Ireland”

[04.10.2012] IIRC showcases the business and investor journey towards Integrated Reporting

[03.10.2012] FASB, IASB keep time value of money in revenue recognition standard

[03.10.2012] New IFRS for SMEs training modules

[28.09.2012] EU companies write off £60bn of goodwill

[28.09.2012] IAASB Continues to Address Assurance Needs of Smaller Entities; Issues Revised Standard on Review Engagements

[27.09.2012] Sir David Tweedie to lead IVSC

[27.09.2012] Dates for the first meeting of the SMEIG are confirmed

[26.09.2012] COSO proposals give real-world internal control examples

[21.09.2012] IFAC issues policy position on global regulatory convergence

[19.09.2012] Speech by Hans Hoogervorst on the concept of prudence

[19.09.2012] FASB's not-for-profit committee highlights complexities in addressing accounting for nonprofits

[17.09.2012] Insurance principles: Hurdles towards insurer harmony

[14.09.2012] Under New Accounting Standard, CFOs Could Change Hedging Strategies

[14.09.2012] Business in offshore zones will be put to additional taxation

[14.09.2012] ECB agrees to watch over European banks

[13.09.2012] ACCA: Business bank could “take decades” to get right

[13.09.2012] The future for public sector accounting standards

[12.09.2012] New IFAC Publication Provides Support for Professional Accountants Improving Internal Control

[12.09.2012] AICPA and XBRL US Plan Certificate Program

[10.09.2012] IASB publishes staff draft of the hedge accounting section of IFRS 9

[10.09.2012] EU waters down auditing restrictions in boost for big four accountancy firms

[07.09.2012] FASB sees flexibility, relevance as cures to disclosure overload

[07.09.2012] PwC slams politicians’ calls for tax on wealthy

[06.09.2012] PwC competition research earns mid-tier backlash

[05.09.2012] Accountants draft standards to audit Libor submissions

[05.09.2012] UK FRC questions draft IFRIC Interpretation on levies

[31.08.2012] FASB reverses decision on accounting for interests in other investment companies

[31.08.2012] AICPA, NASBA mark one year of international CPA exam administration

[31.08.2012] 2013 U.S. GAAP Financial Reporting Taxonomy now available for public review and comment

[29.08.2012] Study: XBRL leads to better coverage, more liquidity

[29.08.2012] Banks may take back bonuses promised earlier to top-managers

[27.08.2012] EFRAG draft comment letter on IASB Request for Information: Comprehensive Review of the IFRS for SMEs

[24.08.2012] IFRSs in your pocket 2012

[23.08.2012] US SEC finalizes rules on disclosure of payments to governments

[23.08.2012] IESBA proposes changes to Code of Ethics to address illegal acts

[22.08.2012] EC launches anti-VAT fraud mechanism

[22.08.2012] PCAOB issues report on the interim inspection program for broker and dealer auditors

[20.08.2012] ESMA publishes summary of responses to its consultation on materiality in financial reporting

[17.08.2012] FASB publishes proposal for presenting items reclassified out of accumulated other comprehensive income

[16.08.2012] New Audit Standard Encourages More Talking

[16.08.2012] Britain’s on mutiny against the EU

[15.08.2012] PCAOB to consider adopting auditing standard on communications with audit committees

[13.08.2012] IAESB Proposes Revised Standard on Professional Development of the Audit Engagement Partner

[09.08.2012] Ex-Deloitte exec admits insider trading tied to clients

[08.08.2012] PCAOB issues release concerning its inspection process

[08.08.2012] ACCA advocates adoption of integrated reporting

[06.08.2012] Four steps to formalize internal audit’s strategic impact

[01.08.2012] Europe forces consultation on two anti-avoidance rules

[01.08.2012] Ernst & Young refuses to write about Kremlin’s “political monopoly”

[30.07.2012] IAESB proposed revised standard on professional values, ethics, and attitudes

[27.07.2012] ESMA publishes a review of accounting treatment of Greek sovereign debt

[26.07.2012] “More than insignificant” is key judgment in leases proposal

[26.07.2012] IFRS Foundation Trustees publish Drafting Review of revisions to IFRS Foundation Constitution

[25.07.2012] IASB branded 'not fit for purpose' as it clashes with FASB

[23.07.2012] Uncertainties Abound Surrounding International Accounting Standards

[20.07.2012] FASB, IASB chairs spar over impairment plans

[20.07.2012] IASB begins public consultation on post-implementation review of IFRS 8

[19.07.2012] EU queries U.S. seat on global accounting body

[19.07.2012] Institutes told to improve audit monitoring visits

[18.07.2012] IFRS's quality not tarnished by US delay, says ICAEW

[16.07.2012] IFRS Foundation Trustees respond to SEC staff IFRS report

[12.07.2012] Concerns raised over evidence for proposed EC audit reforms

[12.07.2012] Where do they take money for IFRS development?

[05.07.2012] 2012 Editions of the Handbooks from IAASB, IESBA, and IPSASB

[04.07.2012] European regulators to check bank ratings

[04.07.2012] IFAC opens debate on public interest: issues Policy Position Paper 5 “A Definition of the Public Interest”

[02.07.2012] ESMA publishes IFRS enforcement report

[29.06.2012] IASB publishes Consolidated Financial Statements, Joint Arrangements and Disclosure of Interests in Other Entities: Transition Guidance (Amendments to IFRS 10, IFRS 11 and IFRS 12)

[29.06.2012] New sustainability reporting guidance released for public consultation

[29.06.2012] FASB publishes proposal for disclosing liquidity and interest rate risk

[28.06.2012] IPSASB publishes public sector combinations consultation paper

[27.06.2012] FRC receives green light to reform its structure

[25.06.2012] IAASB Indicates Future Direction of Improved Auditor Reporting; Consults on Value, Viability, and Illustrative Report

[22.06.2012] Speech by Hans Hoogervorst on 'The imprecise world of accounting'

[21.06.2012] IVSC issues proposed guide to assist professional valuers who participate in the audit process

[21.06.2012] FEE recommends improvements to the functioning of audit committees

[20.06.2012] Australian FRC explores complexity in reporting

[20.06.2012] Further Update for Directors of Listed Companies in the UK

[18.06.2012] FRC: Big Four risk swapping quality for quantity in audits

[15.06.2012] IASB and FASB agree on lease accounting approach

[15.06.2012] IFRS Foundation back in the black after £2m loss in 2010

[14.06.2012] UK Sharman inquiry calls for global consistency in interpretation of "going concern"

[13.06.2012] FRC publishes the annual report on Audit Quality Inspections 2011/12

[09.06.2012] IFAC Urges G-20 to Focus on Global Solutions to Global Issues, to Create Sustainability and Growth

[09.06.2012] EFRAG draft comment letter on annual improvement proposals 2010-2012

[08.06.2012] EFRAG publishes endorsement advice and effects study report, updates endorsement status report

[07.06.2012] EU formally adopts amendments to IAS 1 and IAS 19

[06.06.2012] George Soros: three months left to save the Eurozone

[04.06.2012] IFRS Interpretations Committee publishes proposed guidance on levies charged by public authorities on entities that operate in a specific market

[04.06.2012] Auditors must be held to accountFinancial Accounting Foundation issues request for nominations for new Private Company Council

[01.06.2012] Auditors must be held to account

[31.05.2012] Hot offer: Reduced tariffs for consulting services (statutory and tax accounting) throughout the summer!

[30.05.2012] Tweedie: Auditors must change “golf course” perception

[28.05.2012] Eleven principles for effective business reporting processes

[24.05.2012] ACCA: exam price rises coming

[23.05.2012] FRC seeks greater international influence

[21.05.2012] ICAEW: Regulation won’t instil trust in auditors

[21.05.2012] IFAC ethics board widens work plan to consider topical issues

[18.05.2012] IASB concludes the 2009-2011 Annual Improvements cycle

[16.05.2012] SEC Recommends Changes in Accounting for Derivatives

[16.05.2012] IASB publishes proposals for amendments under its annual improvements project

[11.05.2012] OECD targets tax avoidance in developing nations

[11.05.2012] FASB clarifications include plans for qualitative disclosures for financial instruments

[11.05.2012] Auditors face new rules in China

[27.04.2012] Chairman Hans Hoogervost speech on XBRL

[26.04.2012] Former Accounting Board Chairs Urge SEC to Commit to IFRS

[25.04.2012] Joint IASB/FASB progress report on convergence issued

[25.04.2012] IASB and FASB offer clarification around expected loss attributes

[23.04.2012] IFAC urges G-20 to take action against inconsistent, unreliable public sector financial reporting

[23.04.2012] EFRAG conducts joint field-test on the general hedge accounting review draft

[20.04.2012] European banks trying to follow new capital requirements – at the expense of their clients

[19.04.2012] Private Sector Taskforce of Regulated Professions and Industries Makes Recommendations to the G-20

[18.04.2012] Problems with IAS 39 flare up again

[18.04.2012] EFRAG, the ASB and the OIC organize outreach event on Proactive Discussion Papers jointly with the KSR, the KiBR and the SKwP

[16.04.2012] European Commission prolongs equivalence mechanism for third-country GAAPs

[13.04.2012] FASB makes decision on qualitative going-concern disclosures

[11.04.2012] EFRAG requests comments on its draft endorsement advice and draft effects study report on Government Loans (Amendments to IFRS 1)

[11.04.2012] SME Implementation Group publishes two final Q&As

[04.04.2012] IPSASB Issues Exposure Draft 47-Financial Statement Discussion and Analysis

[02.04.2012] IFRS Foundation publishes the 2012 annual version of the IFRS Taxonomy; publishes a new guide to the IFRS for SMEs

[30.03.2012] Monitoring Group and PIOB consult on governance of IFAC activities

[29.03.2012] FEE releases unique survey shedding light on how the accountancy profession is structured and organized across 30 European countries

[29.03.2012] New English-language IFRS for SMEs training module

[29.03.2012] Deloitte comment letter on materiality in financial reporting

[26.03.2012] EFRAG invites companies to participate in a supplementary study on how IFRS 10 will affect the consolidation of Special Purpose Entities (SPEs)

[26.03.2012] “Simpler Reporting for the Smallest Businesses” - joint BIS FRC update

[23.03.2012] International Standard on Auditing (ISA) 610 (Revised); Using the Work of Internal Auditors

[22.03.2012] FAF Publishes Learning Guide for the FASB Accounting Standards Codification® Research System

[21.03.2012] FASB responds to Financial Accounting Foundation’s Post-Implementation Review Report on FIN 48

[21.03.2012] IFAC releases Policy Position Paper Four, calling for enhanced public sector financial management transparency and accountability

[19.03.2012] IAASB Enhances Compilations Standard; Addresses SME Needs

[15.03.2012] IASB and EFRAG discuss status of ongoing projects and other topics

[15.03.2012] IASB issues amendments to IFRS 1

[14.03.2012] Sustainability data revealed easily with new reporting format

[11.03.2012] IFAC Releases Revisions to Policy Position Paper Two; Promoting a Single Set of Auditing Standards for All Audits, Including of Small- and Medium-Sized Entities

[05.03.2012] FEE comment letter on proposed European Commission Directive

[02.03.2012] PCAOB proposes auditing standard on related parties, also proposes amendments related to significant unusual transactions

[02.03.2012] Distinct or bundled? FASB and IASB discuss revenue proposal

[01.03.2012] Position Praxity a Global Leader

[29.02.2012] EFRAG reports on the findings of the field-tests on implementing IFRS 10, IFRS 11 and IFRS 12

[29.02.2012] IVSC to address Valuation of Derivatives

[27.02.2012] Update on Ukraine’s IFRS transition

[27.02.2012] G20 creating a new protective mechanism for Europe

[24.02.2012] Editorial corrections to bound volumes and single IFRSs published

[22.02.2012] Eurostat consultation on the suitability of IPSAS for the EU Member States

[20.02.2012] IASB and FASB to host a series of outreach meetings on revised revenue recognition proposals

[20.02.2012] Global Accountancy Leaders Identify Key Issues for 2012

[15.02.2012] Moody’s reviews sovereign ratings of 9 European countries

[10.02.2012] Europe’s Tobin Tax Distraction

[10.02.2012] Global accounting reform ups pressure on U.S. to sign up

[08.02.2012] Professional Accountants Need to Respond to Increasing Demands from Investors for ESG Information

[30.01.2012] PwC claims E&Y “shadows” its Lloyds audit

[30.01.2012] IASB and FASB seek to reduce differences in classification and measurement models for financial instruments

[18.01.2012] EFSF lost “AAA” as well

[13.01.2012] Deloitte US alert on accounting for Eurozone sovereign debt holdings

[12.01.2012] CFA Institute’s recent study deals with risks of information disclosure around financial instruments

[11.01.2012] FASB Issues Proposed Accounting Standards Update - Revenue Recognition

[28.12.2011] Deloitte, like PwC, KPMG, Seared in Inspection Report

[28.12.2011] Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

[26.12.2011] FASB defers certain aspects of comprehensive income Accounting Standards Update

[23.12.2011] Professional accountants’ contribution in the current economic difficulties: enhancing transparency and confidence

[21.12.2011] IESBA proposes changes to the Code of Ethics for Professional Accountants to address conflicts of interest

[21.12.2011] IASB proposes to clarify the transition guidance in IFRS 10

[20.12.2011] IASB defers IFRS 9 mandatory effective date to 2015

[20.12.2011] IASB and FASB issue common offsetting disclosure requirements

[19.12.2011] IAASB Addresses Auditing Considerations Relating to Financial Instruments

[16.12.2011] Bank use of IFRS challenged

[16.12.2011] Fitch cuts Goldman, Deutsche, five other large banks

[14.12.2011] Michel Prada appointed as Chairman of the IFRS Foundation Trustees

[12.12.2011] Rouble becomes Ukraine’s reserve currency

[12.12.2011] EU summit produced half-measures to save euro

[12.12.2011] SME Implementation Group publishes two final Q&As

[12.12.2011] EFRAG requests deferral of the effective dates of IFRS 10, 11 and 12

[09.12.2011] IFAC Proposes Revised Statements of Membership Obligations

[09.12.2011] PCAOB Publishes Staff Audit Practice Alert on Assessing and Responding to Risk in the Current Economic Environment

[08.12.2011] US considers 'modified incorporation' of IFRS

[07.12.2011] US SEC economist says more time needed on IFRS decision

[07.12.2011] Europe gets “negative”

[07.12.2011] PCAOB Enters Into Cooperative Agreement with the Netherlands

[07.12.2011] IFAC Comments on European Commission Proposed Legislation

[05.12.2011] ESMA gathers worldwide supervisors to discuss enforcement of IFRS

[05.12.2011] BCBS urges closer IASB & IAASB

[05.12.2011] IFAC Issues Proposed International Guidance to Help Accountants Improve Internal Control

[02.12.2011] AICPA to IASB: Completion of Conceptual Framework Is Key

[02.12.2011] EU to break Big Four stranglehold

[28.11.2011] European businesses criticise Tobin Tax proposals

[24.11.2011] U.S. Regulators Push Chinese to Resume Auditor-Inspection Talks

[23.11.2011] Comments invited on two draft Q&As for the IFRS for SMEs

[23.11.2011] IASB and IFAC to enhance co-operation in developing private and public sector accounting standards

[17.11.2011] SEC releases reports on IFRS in practice and US GAAP-IFRS differences

[16.11.2011] IASB and FASB publish revised proposal for revenue recognition

[16.11.2011] Predictive Business Analytics: an important aspect of the professional accountants in business’ toolkit

[14.11.2011] ESMA publishes the outcome of a Review of European enforcers on the implementation of IFRS 8 “Operating Segments”

[14.11.2011] Audit chief accuses Big Four of low-balling

[11.11.2011] IFAC updates audit implementation guide for SMPs

[10.11.2011] SEC approves new rules to toughen listing standards for reverse merger companies

[09.11.2011] EU standard setters: quality and thoughtfulness essential in IFRS

[07.11.2011] Ukrainian banks now allowed to write off bad debts

[07.11.2011] Sovereign Debt Crisis Demands Financial Management Reform by Governments

[07.11.2011] FASB seeks comments on proposal for improving financial reporting of consolidations

[02.11.2011] EU to break Big Four stranglehold

[02.11.2011] PCAOB Enters Into Cooperative Agreement for the Exchange of Confidential Information with the Israel Securities Authority

[02.11.2011] Canadian regulator decides against allowing early adoption of recent IFRSs by certain entities

[02.11.2011] Kyiv Audit Group is in top 10 of leading Ukrainian audit firms

[27.10.2011] With SEC Decision on IFRS Anticipated by Year-End, PwC Releases New Guide Comparing Accounting Standards

[27.10.2011] IPSASB Issues Consultation Paper - Reporting Service Performance Information Consultation Paper

[26.10.2011] IESBA Proposes Changes to the Code of Ethics for Professional Accountants to Address a Breach of a Requirement in the Code

[26.10.2011] FASB Seeks Comments on Proposal on Accounting for Investment Property Entities. Seeks Comments on Proposal to Clarify Criteria for Investment Company Accounting

[26.10.2011] IAASB Undertakes Post-Implementation Review of Clarified ISAs; Invites Stakeholder Input

[21.10.2011] International audit networks merge in Ukraine

[21.10.2011] IASB proposes an amendment to the accounting for government loans in IFRS 1; clarifies accounting for costs associated with waste removal in surface mining

[21.10.2011] Annual reports shrink, says Deloitte

[20.10.2011] AICPA prepares for Canadian CPA expansion

[19.10.2011] AICPA Issues Ultimatum on Private Company Accounting Standards

[19.10.2011] Consultation on the future role of the Financial Reporting Council Published

[17.10.2011] IESBA 2011-2012 Strategy and Work Plan Approved

[17.10.2011] FASB Explains Changes to 2012 GAAP Taxonomy

[14.10.2011] IVSC and IPEV to co-operate on valuation standard-setting

[14.10.2011] HSBC letters are first shots in long-term attrition

[14.10.2011] FRC launches UK's first Financial Reporting Lab

[13.10.2011] Ukraine puts payment systems under tighter supervision

[13.10.2011] ACCA: IFRS gaining popularity

[12.10.2011] EU approved new requirements for energy market participants, further complicating Ukraine’s European integration

[12.10.2011] FRC announces changes to UK Corporate Governance Code and urges companies to respond rapidly

[12.10.2011] PCAOB proposes amendments to improve transparency through disclosure of engagement partner and certain other participants in audits

[10.10.2011] UK regulator criticizes French auditors

[10.10.2011] PCAOB to Consider Proposing Amendments to Improve Transparency Through Disclosure of Engagement Partner and Certain Other Participants in Audits

[07.10.2011] The Financial Reporting Review Panel invites comments on Revised Operating Procedures

[06.10.2011] Investment Entities proposals could have far-reaching impacts

[05.10.2011] Financial Accounting Foundation Seeks Comments on Plan to Improve Standard Setting for Private Companies

[05.10.2011] PwC reclaims world's largest accountant title

[05.10.2011] PCAOB Publishes Staff Audit Practice Alert on Audit Risks in Certain Emerging Markets

[03.10.2011] FASB weighs “going concern” self-test for US firms

[03.10.2011] Auditing standards in Russia will now be developed differently

[03.10.2011] International Federation of Accountants Releases Revisions to Policy Position Papers One and Three

[03.10.2011] Judgment in accounting for joint arrangements

[30.09.2011] New Model Audit: It’s a scary world out there

[29.09.2011] EU-level regulation 'essential for audit reform'

[28.09.2011] “Big Four” business model under attack

[28.09.2011] Deloitte Sued for $7.6 Billion over Mortgage Lender Audits

[26.09.2011] Judgment in accounting for joint arrangements

[26.09.2011] IFAC Begins Search for Next Chief Executive Officer

[21.09.2011] Russian translations of new and revised standards

[21.09.2011] New Goodwill Impairment Standard Leaves Questions

[19.09.2011] FASB Preps New Rule on Liquidity, Interest Rate Risks

[16.09.2011] USA: probability of recession 33%

[16.09.2011] EFRAG invites companies to participate in the field-testing of new standards

[16.09.2011] FASB Issues Accounting Standards Update to Simplify Testing Goodwill for Impairment

[16.09.2011] Accountants split on next IASB project

[15.09.2011] PCAOB Enters into Cooperative Agreement with Norway

[14.09.2011] PCAOB Plans Rulemaking on Identifying Auditors

[12.09.2011] IIRC issues Discussion Paper on Integrated Reporting, proposes a new approach to corporate reporting

[12.09.2011] EFRAG's draft comment letter on IASB Exposure Draft Mandatory Effective Date of IFRS 9

[12.09.2011] PwC defends itself from audit critics

[09.09.2011] SEC Files Subpoena Enforcement Action

[08.09.2011] Switzerland is again the most competitive country in the world

[07.09.2011] Company annual reports deemed unreliable - but appetite for them endures

[05.09.2011] The cost of capital calculations and impact on investment decisions

[02.09.2011] European banks will need 200 billion euro more in capital – IMF

[02.09.2011] 2012 U.S. GAAP Financial Reporting Taxonomy Now Available for Public Review and Comment

[01.09.2011] FRC acts to increase transparency in corporate reporting

[31.08.2011] ESMA urges IFRS 8 accounting speed-up

[29.08.2011] UK and Switzerland announce historic agreement

[29.08.2011] Representatives of the Accounting Standards Board of Japan and the Financial Accounting Standards Board Hold Biannual Meeting

[26.08.2011] European regulators may prolong the ban on «shorting» for another month

[26.08.2011] EFRAG invites companies to participate in the field-testing of the forthcoming revised proposals on Revenue Recognition

[25.08.2011] Study explores the political dimensions of IFRS adoption

[25.08.2011] More SEC Studies Expected Soon on IFRS

[24.08.2011] Broker issues Tobin tax threat

[24.08.2011] ICAEW criticises SEC phased IFRS plans; Calls for simultaneous transition in US

[24.08.2011] AICPA Recommends Allowing U.S. Public Companies to Choose IFRS

[22.08.2011] IFRS Taxonomy updated for financial statement presentation and employee benefits

[22.08.2011] Institutes attack US mandatory rotation plan

[18.08.2011] From accounting to accountability

[17.08.2011] NASBA and AICPA Issue Proposed Revisions to Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Provider Standards

[17.08.2011] PCAOB to consider concept release on auditor independence and audit firm rotation

[15.08.2011] Swiss tax treaty ‘by end of August’

[12.08.2011] OECD report highlights likely impacts of IAS 19 amendments

[11.08.2011] FASB approves standard to simplify testing goodwill for impairment

[10.08.2011] Changing Roles and Employer Expectations Define Areas of Competency for Professional Accountants in Business

[05.08.2011] IASB proposes adjustment to effective date of IFRS 9

[05.08.2011] IASB warns of weakening ties with FASB

[04.08.2011] Can IFRS 9 prevent Greek tragedy?

[04.08.2011] EFRAG report regarding costs of implementing country-by-country reporting

[03.08.2011] IASB establishes Emerging Economies Group

[28.07.2011] IFRS Taxonomy updated for fair value measurement and disclosure of interests in other entities

[28.07.2011] SEC adopts large trader reporting regime

[27.07.2011] Audit inspection reports for the six largest firms published

[27.07.2011] IASB launches a public consultation on its future work programme

[25.07.2011] FRC says “comply or explain” principle has important place in EU Corporate Governance

[25.07.2011] Canada releases basis of conclusions on move to IFRSs

[06.07.2011] Canada releases basis of conclusions on move to IFRSs

[04.07.2011] New Bribery Act criticised by UK200 Group

[01.07.2011] Changing of the guard at the IASB

[30.06.2011] SEC Commissioner backs IFRS adoption, discusses possible 'opt out' for issuers

[24.06.2011] FSA says banks ignore money laundering rules

[23.06.2011] IASB publishes proposals for amendments under its annual improvements project

[22.06.2011] IAESB Proposes Clarified Standard on Professional Accounting Education Entry Requirements

[22.06.2011] PCAOB issues concept release on auditor’s reporting model

[20.06.2011] New pension standard 'could cost companies £10bn'

[17.06.2011] IASB introduces improvements to the accounting for post-employment benefits

[17.06.2011] Goodwill Impairment Charges Decline Across Industries

[16.06.2011] IASB and FASB to re-expose revenue recognition proposals

[15.06.2011] PCAOB adopts interim inspection program for broker-dealer audits and broker and dealer funding rules

[15.06.2011] Financial Accounting Standards Board Launches New Taxonomy Online Review and Comment System

[10.06.2011] IFRS critics see momentum gathering

[19.05.2011] Financial Accounting Foundation Commissions Study Examining Role of GASB Standards in Assessing Accountability of Reporting Governments

[18.05.2011] IAASB Seeks Global Views on Enhancing the Value of Auditor Reporting

[16.05.2011] KPMG warns IFRS on consolidation

[13.05.2011] IASB and FASB issue common fair value measurement and disclosure requirements

[13.05.2011] IASB completes improvements to accounting requirements for off balance sheet activities and joint arrangements

[12.05.2011] IVSC working towards guidance on fair value of financial instruments

[12.05.2011] Sustainability data more reliable, says new figures

[11.05.2011] Critics unearth 'second thoughts' over IFRS

[06.05.2011] Financial Reporting Council consults on Boardroom Diversity

[06.05.2011] New PCAOB Chairman Pushes for Audit Overhaul

[05.05.2011] Proposed Predictive Analytics Guidance from IFAC Highlights Importance of Anticipating the Future

[04.05.2011] FASB issues accounting standards update to improve financial reporting of repurchase agreements

[04.05.2011] IAESB proposes clarified standard on assessment of professional competence

[04.05.2011] IAASB issues enhanced overarching assurance standard for comment

[29.04.2011] Investors 'do care' about audit competition

[27.04.2011] Joint Statement by the Monitoring Board and the Trustees of the IFRS Foundation

[27.04.2011] SEC Report Recommends No New SOX 404(b) Exemptions

[27.04.2011] Three Common Accounting Mistakes

[25.04.2011] Debate over value of SME audits rages

[22.04.2011] IPSASB Publishes 2011 Handbook of Pronouncements

[21.04.2011] SEC Announces Roundtable on International Financial Reporting Standards

[20.04.2011] E&Y: 66% favour two-tier international standards over UK GAAP

[20.04.2011] IASB and FASB report substantial progress towards completion of convergence programme

[20.04.2011] PwC offers conflicting views on IFRS

[18.04.2011] IAESB proposes revised standard on professional values, ethics, and attitudes

[18.04.2011] Interview with Sir David Tweedie and Leslie Seidman regarding the timeline for completing the convergence programme

[15.04.2011] LIBOR suspected in forming a cartel

[14.04.2011] Madoff promised even more problems to banks

[13.04.2011] The 21st century audit

[13.04.2011] IFRS Foundation publishes XBRL examples, SEC issues “no action” letter for US IFRS filers

[11.04.2011] Euronext declines the latest merger proposal

[11.04.2011] Accounting chief wants higher bank capital ratios

[11.04.2011] International standards' credibility 'threatened' by board changes

[08.04.2011] PCAOB enters into first cooperative agreement with Swiss regulators

[08.04.2011] SEC probing fraud at US-listed foreign companies

[07.04.2011] SEC and PCAOB fine PwC Indian affiliates $7.5m

[07.04.2011] EC to consult on corporate governance

[06.04.2011] ASB publishes Report on Cutting Clutter from Annual Reports

[06.04.2011] FASB Issues Accounting Standards Update to improve financial reporting about troubled debt restructurings

[04.04.2011] NYSE Euronext attracts another potential purchaser

[04.04.2011] Big Four speaks out on audit inquiry

[01.04.2011] AICPA Introduces IFRS Certificate Program Based on Comprehensive, Integrated Curriculum, Online Study

[31.03.2011] Big Four branded an “oligopoly” as Lords call for OFT inquiry

[31.03.2011] IASB responds to SEC warning over XBRL taxonomy

[30.03.2011] EU body tells accounting rule setter to slow down

[28.03.2011] On March 25, 2011 in the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce within the frame of the Ukrainian-Indian Business Council

[23.03.2011] PCAOB plans changes in auditor reports

[18.03.2011] AICPA, CIMA Partner to Create International Credential

[17.03.2011] EU corporate tax base moves closer

[14.03.2011] Ukraine’s bank regulators ordered to disclose information in 20 largest shareholders

[14.03.2011] The APB issues feedback paper on auditor skepticism

[10.03.2011] EU should go it alone on “Tobin tax”, European Parliament says

[10.03.2011] PCAOB to Discuss Auditor’s Reporting Model

[05.03.2011] Key Business Leaders from Around the World Recommend Fundamental Changes to Business Reporting in IFAC Report

[05.03.2011] Financial Accounting Foundation outlines plans to address standard setting for nonpublic entities

[25.02.2011] IFAC Issues Revised Guidance to Further Support the Development of Professional Accountancy Organizations Worldwide

[24.02.2011] Double-entry bookkeeping not necessary for small businesses in Ukraine

[18.02.2011] Ukraine’s legislation slowly converging with European standards

[14.02.2011] Europe Mulls Limits on Audit Firm Concentration

[09.02.2011] Ukraine will create a national office to work with largest taxpayers

[07.02.2011] IFRS Foundation’s Monitoring Board published a report on corporate governance

[07.02.2011] UK accountants want “Big Bang” for IFRS

[03.02.2011] Ukrainian regulators won’t struggle with tax evasion which involves Cyprus

[02.02.2011] IASB and FASB propose common solution for impairment accounting

[02.02.2011] EFRAG and the UK ASB issue a discussion paper: “Considering the effects of accounting standards”

[28.01.2011] Kazakhstan considers adoption of “IFRSs for SMEs”

[28.01.2011] Commission Reports on Financial Crisis Causes

[28.01.2011] IASB and FASB propose to align balance sheet netting requirements

[28.01.2011] Big Four should agree to reduce audit dominance

[27.01.2011] United States 'Blue-Ribbon Panel' issues report on private company reporting

[27.01.2011] FASB Reverses Course on Fair Value

[26.01.2011] Ukrainian-Turkish business forum in Kyiv

[26.01.2011] Financial institutions call for more climate change information

[24.01.2011] IAASB Explores Financial Statement Disclosures and Audit Quality

[21.01.2011] FSA and FRC extend cooperation and information exchange on audit issues

[04.01.2011] Kyiv Audit Group acquired the status “ENTITY OF THE YEAR 2010”

[28.12.2010] Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

[27.12.2010] FRC to examine best practice on risk

[13.12.2010] IAESB Proposes Clarified Standard on Continuing Professional Development

[13.12.2010] ICAEW wants to explore joint-audit option

[10.12.2010] FASB Issues Proposed Accounting Standards Update - Receivables (Topic 310)

[08.12.2010] IASB publishes IFRS Practice Statement on Management Commentary

[08.12.2010] ICAS launches its vision for the future of assurance

[12.11.2010] Accountants urged to look beyond financials

[12.11.2010] SEC approves new rules prohibiting market maker stub quotes

[12.11.2010] ASB issues Improvements to Financial Reporting Standards 2010

[11.11.2010] US companies slow to adopt IFRS

[10.11.2010] Trustees seek public comment on the future strategy of the IFRS Foundation

[08.11.2010] IFAC Addresses the Concept of the Public Interest

[03.11.2010] FRC appoints Roger Marshall as Interim ASB Chairman

[03.11.2010] Norway, Saudi Arabia join KPMG Europe

[29.10.2010] IASB issues additions to IFRS 9 for financial liability accounting

[25.10.2010] PwC slates FRC idea to create Big Five

[21.10.2010] AICPA IFRS Readiness Survey 2010

[20.10.2010] IFAC SMP Committee Releases Updated ISA Guide

[20.10.2010] IASB and FASB consult on effective dates for convergence accounting standards

[18.10.2010] Proposals Relating to the Withdrawal of Existing IAPSs and Clarification of the Status and Authority of New IAPSs and Proposed IAPS 1000, Special Considerations in Auditing Complex Financial Instruments

[15.10.2010] FASB Issues Accounting Standards Update No. 2010-26 “Financial Services - Insurance (Topic 944): Accounting for Costs Associated with Acquiring or Renewing Insurance Contracts”

[15.10.2010] FRC wants greater power over auditors

[14.10.2010] FASB Issues Proposed Accounting Standards Update to Improve Financial Reporting about Troubled Debt Restructurings

[14.10.2010] The European Commission consults on how the European audit market can be improved

[13.10.2010] Trustees appoint Hans Hoogervorst to succeed Sir David Tweedie

[04.10.2010] IASB and US FASB complete first stage of conceptual framework

[27.09.2010] Audit market is "fiercely competitive" Deloitte argue

[27.08.2010] IASB proposes amendments to IFRS 1

[27.08.2010] FASB updates several “medical” accounting standards.

[25.08.2010] IAESB Releases 2010 Handbook of International Education Pronouncements

[20.08.2010] Ukrainian banking legislation to be amended in favor of borrowers

[20.08.2010] Staff draft of a forthcoming IFRS on fair value measurement

[18.08.2010] IASB and US FASB publish proposals to improve the financial reporting of leases

[16.08.2010] Rulemakers Plan Global Overhaul of Lease Accounting

[16.08.2010] European officials frustrated at “lack of transperency”

[03.06.2010] IASB and FASB issue statement on their convergence work

[02.06.2010] Ukraine creating a “bad bank”

[02.06.2010] PCAOB publishes updated staff guidance related to registration process for applicants from certain non-U.S. jurisdictions

[19.05.2010] IFAC Seeks Views on Its 2010-2012 Strategy and Work Plan to Serve Professional Accountants in Business

[12.05.2010] Barnier tells US that Europe is “getting impatient” on accounting convergence

[07.05.2010] IASB concludes the 2008-2010 cycle of annual improvements to IFRSs

[19.04.2010] BAS issues new Modelling Standard

[12.04.2010] IFAC’s Education Standards Board Adopts New Strategy

[08.04.2010] PCAOB issues staff audit practice alert on auditor considerations of significant unusual transactions

[30.03.2010] IESBA seeks views on its strategy and work plan for 2010–2012

[30.03.2010] PCAOB proposes auditing standard on communications with audit committees

[25.03.2010] US audit watchdog weighs board communications rule

[17.03.2010] IASB Expects Accounting Standards to Stabilize in 2011

[17.03.2010] IAASB Welcomes New Auditing Research Initiative

[15.03.2010] IAESB Issues Consultation Paper on Competence Requirements for Audit Professionals

[12.03.2010] Kyiv Audit Group passed APU’s review of quality control system

[05.03.2010] Global Accountancy Leaders Support IFAC Focus on SMEs and Their Financial Advisors

[27.02.2010] PCAOB Publishes Staff Question and Answer on Auditing Standard No. 7 “Engagement Quality Review”

[26.02.2010] IFAC Global Survey Says International Standards Crucial to Investor and Financial Stability

[26.02.2010] Draft of new Actuarial Standard on Pensions is published

[25.02.2010] Exposure draft IFRS Taxonomy 2010

[25.02.2010] IPSASB Seeks Views on Accounting for Service Concession Arrangements by Grantors

[25.02.2010] IASC Foundation publishes proposed IFRS Taxonomy 2010

[25.02.2010] IASB issues limited exemption amendment to IFRS 1

[20.01.2010] IPSASB Publishes Three New Standards on Financial Instruments

[12.01.2010] IASB publishes proposals on the impairment of financial assets

[29.12.2009] Marry Christmas and Happy New Year!

[16.12.2009] IASB simplifies requirements for disclosure of related party transactions

[02.12.2009] IAASB Staff Practice Alert Helps Auditors Plan More Effective Use of External Confirmations

[20.11.2009] IFAC Releases New Tool that Gauges ISA Adoption

[16.11.2009] Chairman of the IASB provides update to ECOFIN on reform of IAS 39

[27.10.2009] IASB amends the accounting for rights issues

[12.05.2009] 13 years in business!!!

[23.04.2009] Participation at "EBA in PRINT"

[14.11.2008] May your hearts be opened to children!

[13.10.2008] Sponsoring International Forum Financial Ukraine 2008

[ ] Kyiv Audit Group prepared The Transparency Report for 2019

[ ] Happy Accountant's and Auditor's Day