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We have a client who might be interested in setting up a trading company in Kiev, Ukraine


We have a client who might be interested in setting up a trading company in Kiev, Ukraine. We would like to know:

  1. The requirements (legal) to setting up such a company
  2. Costs – (Incorporations/ Maintenance, such as audit, accounts, secretary, director, registered office etc...)
  3. Due Diligence
  4. Opening of Bank a/c and whether there is the possibility of having internet banking
  5. Tax implications of such a trading company having a non-Ukrainian Shareholder



As for the issues indicated in your request we will be glad to provide you with some advisory services (i.e. legal and tax advice in the form of written consultation) as well as with registration (a company setting up process accompaniment), accounting and audit services directly.

The cost of our services are determined based on the time needed for performing the services, area of law, specialist’s level, overhead expenses etc.; at that the daily rate of one specialist’s work.

The cost of the on-going accounting services will depend on the company activity, quantity of employees, business operations etc and should be discussed additionally once a decision of a company setting up has been made.

Due diligence review (or audit) of the founder is not prescribed in most cases of the company incorporating.

The cost of the Bank account opening and servicing will depend on the chosen bank. All these and many other issues will be included into our legal and tax advise that can be prepared during one week since the moment that all terms and conditions of our cooperation are agreed and papers signed. Should you need more information about our company or about conditions of he services rendering do not hesitate to contact us.