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We would like to open a representative office in Ukraine. We would like to ask you to help us with establishing of the office and ongoing tax compliance services


We are Hungarian Company and would like to open a representative office in Ukraine to employ one employee. We would like to ask you to help us with establishing of the office and ongoing tax compliance services. Could you please provide us quotation on given the above legal and tax works.



In response to your query concerning opening and registration of a representative office in Ukraine we inform you of the following:

Currently, the followings types of nonresidents’ representative offices exist in Ukraine:

  • representative offices established by nonresidents in order to conduct business on the territory of Ukraine (so-called permanent representative offices);
  • representative offices established for representation purposes.Their setting up does not imply that they will conduct business (economic activities) in Ukraine .

The legislation of Ukraine sets different requirements and procedures to establishing, registration and activities of individual types of representative offices.

For us to form our quotation for the related services it is necessary to understand what kind of activity the representative office plans to carry out on the territory of Ukraine, what goals and objectives you aim at while planning to open your representative office.

Also, we would like to note that, because of imperfection and (in specific cases) contradictory, ambiguous provisions of the Ukrainian legislation, establishing a representative office by a nonresident is not the best way for non-resident companies to represent their businesses in Ukraine.

From our side we are ready to provide you with a consultation in which the principal aspects of creation and running of activity of nonresidents’ representative offices in Ukraine will be described, as well as other ways of economic activities in Ukraine will be expounded.

In case of your consent to work exactly with our company on the above matter, we may include the fees for this consultation (full amount or part of it, depending on its agreed upon scope/volume) in the cost of services for registration of the representative office or other chosen kind of formation.