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International membership

Moores Rowland International

Moores Rowland International (MRI) is committed to ensuring professional excellence and high service standards amongst our member firms wherever they operate in the world. By creating a global network of mutual support and communication for our 177 member firms located in 90 countries and their 19,000 plus partners and staff in over 600 offices worldwide, MRI enhances their ability to be of service to their clients, both nationally and internationally.

MRI's mission is:

To be the Superior Choice of accountants, tax and business advisors to growing, owner-managed businesses and to larger organisations where niche market expertise exists.

Strategic objectives that support this mission

MRI aims to be the Partner of Choice of clients and other professional service firms by:

  • maintaining its position as one of the leading associations of international accountants and business advisers;
  • building on proven niche market expertise in the textile and apparel, manufacturing, healthcare and financial institution sectors in certain parts of the world;
  • developing new niche specialisms that reflect clients' changing business needs.

MRI also aims to:

  • be represented in each territory by the right size of professional firm with sufficient resources and expertise to meet the client care standards that MRI demands of them;
  • offer clients a range of products and services through our consulting centres of excellence, which add measurable value to their business;
  • be innovative in developing appropriate solutions for clients;
  • be efficiently co-ordinated by a streamlined management structure that ensures that individual member firms work effectively together to deliver their services to international clients;
  • maintain a stable network that member firms join and to which they contribute for the long term.

Member firms aim to:

  • offer a range of products and services that add measurable value to their clients' businesses and are widely respected within the business communities in which they operate;
  • be recognised for in-depth expertise in certain key niche sectors;
  • be innovative in developing appropriate solutions for clients.

MRI was formed in 1985 as an association of independent firms bound together by common values. Since then the association has been highly successful in attracting member firms of good repute and longstanding in regions where the accounting profession is well developed. In the emerging economies of the world, MRI has attracted and continues to seek members who aspire to be amongst the leading independent firms of accountants and business advisors in their territory. The strength of the association lies in the quality of each truly independent firm, many of which are the dominant firms in their regions. Every member firm is committed to stimulating global business, maintaining high standards of excellence, and sharing their technical expertise with other members.