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Our company





Mission statement, objectives, advantages

Our mission – facilitating the economic processes in Ukraine through enhanced performance efficiency of enterprises, establishments, and organizations.

Our objectives:

  • to be a recognisable audit and consultancy firm in Europe;
  • to provide the services meeting the requirements of international standards;
  • to be a company of high level management and corporate culture, where the interests of stakeholders, management , and the staff match and concur.


Advantages of the firm:

We believe that for the purposes of effective and mutually beneficial co-operation “Kyiv Audit Group” possesses all relevant resources which ensure the following advantages of the firm:

  • International recognition of the quality of professional services, as a member of global Alliance Praxity
  • Official compliance certificate issued by the nationwide supervisory institution in the profession
  • Own audit and quality control methodology which fully complies with the Code of Ethics and IFAC’s standards on auditing
  • Professional and competent staff with long-term experience in service performance
  • Elaborated system of hiring, skill upgrading and assessment of personnel
  • Understanding of peculiarities of activities the entities conduct in all industries of Ukrainian economy
  • Careful study of customer’s necessities and flexible price policy
  • Independence of opinion and confidentiality of information