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Corporate social responsibility

Kyiv Audit Group believes that following the strategy of corporate social responsibility and principles of sustainable development policy will guarantee the combination of economic, social and ecological factors which underlie the firm’s business strategy and allow the business to satisfy needs of future generations.

Business Ethics

Kyiv Audit Group is deeply committed to the high principles of business ethics

Throughout 2016 the firm’s employees yet again reaffirmed their adherence to the Code of Ethics for Professional Accountants.

The fundamental principle of the firm’s social responsibility is respect to the rule of right and compliance with legal obligations.

Kyiv Audit Group acts as a firm socially responsible before the society and through improvement of its knowledge and expertise opens up new prospects for cooperation.

Staff Care

Kyiv Audit Group is aware of the vital role of the staff for the firm’s operation and success, that’s why we strive to create the conditions and corporate culture that will guarantee support, training and development for the employees, which will, in turn, maximize the efficiency of work and services to meet the client’s needs and expectations.

The firm respects the employees’ right to privacy and keeps their personal data confidential.

Kyiv Audit Group guarantees safe working conditions and confirms its intentions to continue to provide health care and welfare of its employees.

As an accredited ACCA employer the firm continuously enhances professional development of its employees, which is evidenced by professional staff potential created by means of significant investments in development and training of our specialists, which guarantees high quality of professional services.

Assisting each employee to approve themselves and building tight business relations within the team, the firm values not only the knowledge and experience of its employees, but each person as a personality.

In addition to that, some employees utilize the opportunity to work from home or flexible working hours.


Kyiv Audit Group has taken part in the charity project for development of the children from orphanages and implemented a civic project “Let’s open our hearts to children”. This project has a deep social focus. As a sponsor support the firm provided computers to the Vasylkiv City Orphanage of the Mixed Type “Sonechko” (Sun), where the children of 7-15 years are brought up. The firm has shown a great interest in the implementation of this project, because it gives children from vulnerable groups (children without parental care or guardian, street children) hope for future and, therefore, the chance to develop, acquire necessary knowledge and skills that are of the utter importance for everybody in the today’s world – time of innovative and technological progress.

Client Support

In 2014 Kyiv Audit Group commenced on the project for information support to client businesses and prospective partners. In the form of a brief review the clients are informed about changes/novelties in the tax legislation and currency regulation of Ukraine.

Conservation of the Environment

Kyiv Audit Group bears the responsibility for protection of the environment before the society. The firm has implemented the project “Green office” according to which:
  • The use of facsimile has been minimized and the system for prevailing storage of audit working files in electronic format has been introduced. These measures reduce paper use and facilitate environment conservation.

  • All office equipment automatically switches to a sleeping mode; ecological tagging, energy efficiency class, etc. are taken into account when making tender purchases of equipment and goods. Therefore, the firm gives precedence to purchase of non-disposable stationary; matters/materials for office cleaning that do not contain dangerous components (phosphates, ammonia, etc.) and safe for employees and environment.
  • We have implemented the practice and actively use conference calls and video conferences as an alternative to travels.
  • With the help of the remote access to the corporate network the staff can access personal email box from any site of Ukraine. The employees use high bitrate access to the applications which enable to transmit voice, video and data. These means and tools reduce the use of paper, greenhouse gas emissions to the atmosphere, because there is no necessity to come to the office or go the client.